Curriculum Vitae

Born: July 18, 1967
Education: Ph.D. Science, Tohoku University, 1995
Professional Experience:
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Tokyo, 1995-1996
Research Associate, Tohoku University, 1996 - 2003
Associate Proffesor, Yokohama City University, 2003-2012
Proffesor, Yokohama City University, 2012-

Research Interests

My recent research focuses on the seismological investigation of the lithospheric structure and the regional tectonics of the island arc. These research subjects are directly related to the understanding of the tectonic evolution of subduction zone. As well as the planning of filed seismic observations, I am working on developing new methods that utilize high-frequency seismic signals of regional earthquakes to reveal the short-wavelength heterogeneity in the earth.


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